Proof BLS Works? 

If You've Seen Our Social Medias Or Read Our About Section You'll Know Our Founder Already Went Through A Weight Loss Journey Fueled By Black Label Seasoning. 

Anyone Can Make A Claim Like That And Anyone Can Claim They've Invented The "Cheat Code" To Weight loss, But Can They Really Prove It? BLS Can.


Its No Lie, Our Founder Really Did Lose 70 Pounds With BLS, Going from ~205 To 135. But How Can He Prove He Lost Weight With BLS? BY DOING IT AGAIN


To Prove To Everyone I Really Found The "Cheat Code" I Ditched My Newfound Abs For Flabs (Funny To Say). Definitely Not 70lbs Worth Of Fat But Enough To Completely Change My physique. I Purposefully Ruined The Physique I Worked So Hard To Attain. I Did It So I Could Make A Series Of Videos Proving You Can Lose Weight With Black Label Seasoning 


I Put Weight Back On So I Could Make A Series About Me Losing Weight Fast And Easy Because Of Black Label Seasoning. What's A Better Way To Prove Something Can Help You Lose Weight Than To Show My Progress Using It To Lose Weight? 


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